EXFO, AEPONYX and MLP develop automated PIC testing for HVM.

PIC magazine

EXFO, AEPONYX, and MLP share their successes developing automated PIC testing for high volume manufacturing.

The latest PIC Magazine issue features an article entitled Next-generation test solution addresses unique PIC, MEMS requirements that describes how EXFO, AEPONYX, and Maple Leaf Photonics addressed the unique challenges of developing a fully automated opto-electrical test solution.

Collaboration at work

These three industry innovators created a solution to address the PIC test challenge – how to rapidly and cost-effectively test the innovation of silicon nitride photonics, MEMS-based switches, and optical waveguides integrated into one device.

AEPONYX is driving innovation

AEPONYX needed to find a faster test processing solution for its advanced chips that combine silicon nitride photonics, MEMS switches, and waveguides in one integrated device. This presented a unique challenge because AEPONYX is the leading company to bring this solution to market. This required the test solution to cover both optical and electrical probing at very high speeds. 
Precisely, AEPONYX needed a fully automated opto-electrical probing system, with ultra-fast optical test instrumentation, capable of generating the large set of data required for device characterization and then for high volume production. 

A new industry milestone

EXFO, AEPONYX, and Maple Leaf Partners collaborated to create this test innovation. The new tester became a success, dramatically increasing test speed by more than 10 times than previous technologies.
Thanks to the collaboration between the three forward-looking companies, testing silicon photonics and planar MEMS on a single chip, with optical and electrical probing, is now a reality.
This new milestone sets the stage for future advances in PIC design and testing.

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