Photonics in Motion

Aeponyx develops advanced integrated photonics with MEMS products. Utilizing the next generation photonics material -Silicon Nitride, with very high-speed MEMS devices, we bring innovative products to market.

Aeponyx has extensive experience in developing advanced technology. And we have grown a team with vast and deep expertise in bringing products to market.

This is all driven by our key values of Teamwork, Trust, and Technology. These values make it all possible

This is all driven by our key values of Teamwork, Trust, and Technology. These values make it all possible.

Aeponyx is a leader in integrated photonics with MEMS

Executive team

Seasoned veterans of the
Telecommunications Industry.

Philippe Babin

Philippe Babin. CEO of AEPONYX

Chief Executive Officer

François Ménard

François Ménard. CTO at AEPONYX

Chief Technology Officer

Jeff Demain

Jeff Demain. Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at AEPONYX.

Vice President of Business Development and Marketing

Damien Michel

Damien Michel. VP of Engineering at AEPONYX

Vice President of Engineering

Jean Thibodeau

Jean Thibodeau. Vice President Operations at AEPONYX.

Vice President of Operations

Silicon Nitride Photonics and MEMS Technology

We build our photonics devices from a Silicon Nitride foundation. This material provides for superior performance over traditional Silicon Photonics. With Silicon Nitride Photonics, we achieve exemplary waveguides and filters. Silicon Nitride’s properties make it the cost-effective choice for extensible Telecom products, Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) communications, DWDM over single fiber optical links, and the material of choice for Quantum Computing.

Our MEMS technology operates at extremely high rates and benefits from being quite small in size. We combine our MEMS technology with our Silicon Nitride photonics to create products such as NG-PON2 transceivers for Telecom. And the scalable nature of our integrated photonics enables line rates to progress from 10G, to 25G, and 50G.

AEPONYX is working with leading test equipment and software partners to develop high volume and cost-effective test innovations for its Silicon Nitride with MEMS products. Not only does this test solution cover the NG-PON2 products, but it also handles all of AEPONYX’ Silicon Nitride with MEMS applications. This ensures years of capability in fast test coverage as the technology scales further. Learn more about this partnership here.

Our technology of integrated photonics with MEMS is an extensible solution that carries optical advancements well into the future.