Photonics in Motion

AEPONYX is a fabless micro optical switch semiconductor chips designer and manufacturer. AEPONYX chips are targeted at fiber optic access to the Cloud and optical switching in the Cloud.

With its patented and patent pending technologies, combining planar Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS) and Silicon Photonics, AEPONYX is building the fastest, most affordable and smallest micro optical switches for use in disaggregated switching systems and enabling tunability in both transmission & reception in pluggable transceivers.

The ever-increasing demand for network connectivity, fueled by mobile devices, video content, cloud applications, Internet of things and social networks, is the source of ever increasing power consumption issues for telecom service providers and data center operators.

This creates opportunities for optical circuit switching and a new generation of tunable transceivers, increasing the capacity on both ends of the optical fiber while lowering power consumption.

By combining Silicon Photonics with MEMS, AEPONYX is creating a unique platform that can support the next generation of optical communications.

AEPONYX’s micro optical switches are 100x faster, 10x cheaper and 10x smaller than the 3D MEMS used in commercial products within data centers and by telecom service providers.

Their speed and cost point open the door to several new applications for equipment manufacturers within fiber optic access networks, mobile networks, data centers and high performance computing.

Moreover, since optical switching can significantly reduce both power consumption as well as latency, equipment manufacturers, telecom and data center network operators have the opportunity to use optical switching to not only reduce their environmental footprint, but also to improve their services differentiation.

AEPONYX will be the market leader in MEMS-based Silicon Photonics.

Executive team

Seasoned veterans of the Telecommunications Industry.

Philippe Babin

CEO & VP of Sales

Damien Michel

VP of Engineering

François Ménard


Jean Thibodeau

VP of Operations


Silicon Photonics on MEMS:

  • Micro Optical Switch for 1xn and nxn (crossbar)
  • Low loss polarization insensitive waveguides
  • Tunable Transceivers in transmission and reception

Packaging platform for:

  • MEMS Interposer
  • Fiber attach
    • Individual fibers
    • Fiber arrays

III-V hybrid integration for:

  • Single sided InP dies
    • Lasers
    • Avalanche Photodiodes
  • Double-sided InP dies
    • Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers
    • Reflective Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers
  • C-MOS dies co-packaging

Process flow

AEPONYX’s breakthrough technology is a MEMS process flow enabling the microfabrication and packaging of micro-optical switches for use in tunable transceivers and optical circuit switches. The process flow pioneers the combination of Silicon Photonics with MEMS and is the object of several patents pending.  The resulting platform includes; moveable waveguides, low loss fiber attach (v-grooves and suspended tapered waveguides) and also capabilities for hybrid integration of active III-V components.  The platform is suitable for a broad range of applications in the telecom and datacom space like bidirectional tunable transceivers, optical switches, wavelength selective switches, ROADMs, etc.